Young Manchester United Fans FREAK OUT When They Meet Local Hero Jesse Lingard (Video)

manchester united jesse lingard says hi to young fans who totally freak out

Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard grew up just 20 miles from Old Trafford in Warrington. He joined the club’s prestigious youth academy at the age of seven, and over the years he steadily worked his way up to the professional ranks. After turning pro, he spent three years on loan to other clubs before finally catching on with Manchester United in 2015.

With just four total appearances for England in international competitions, Lingard isn’t exactly an international superstar. However, to kids in Manchester he’s a certified hero. And that’s what makes the video you’re about to see so awesome.

Lingard was driving through Manchester this week when he saw some kids playing footy and decided to stop and say hi. Judging by their reactions, it was pretty much the greatest moment of their lives.

Seriously, these kids were absolutely stupefied. Some screamed in disbelief. Some just stood their with their mouths agape. When Lingard actually got out of his car to have a kick around with them, they were jumping for joy.

Take a look. It’s the best thing you’ll see on the internet all week:

Hats off to Jesse Lingard for being an awesome dude.

Hat Tip – [ESPN FC]

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