OKC Thunder Star Andre Roberson Gets Called Out For Leaving $13 Tip On $487 Bill After Signing $30M Contract

Oklahoma City Thunder v Phoenix Suns

Over the past two seasons, NBA players have been getting paid an insane amount of money and it’s not just huge talent players – it’s mid-tier and low-tier players getting cashed out as well.

On Wednesday, OKC Thunder forward Andre Roberson was just the latest to get a hefty raise to stay with the team for the foreseeable future.

To celebrated his new $30 million contract, Roberson went out to have some drinks with some friends at the Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, TX. Unfortunately for him, his waiter, who was clearly a sports fan and knew about his contract, was upset that he only received a $13 tip on a $487 bill on the same day he got his brand new spanking contract

So he did what most upset waiters/waitresses do when they feel they didn’t get tipped the amount they deserved – He took to Twitter and put the athlete on blast for being cheap.  

Roberson responded soon after:

$30 million or not – The guy got tipped $14 to hand another person a bottle. That’s it.

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