Rockies Pitcher Jon Gray Crushes 467-Foot Home Run (Video)

rockies pitcher jon gray crushes 467-foot home run

Major League pitchers are getting crushed this year. So far the 2017 season has seen the most home runs per game since 2000, and these aren’t just any homers, either. According to Sports Illustrated the average homer in 2017 is travelling 399.5 feet, which is the longest average distance in the past decade.

Understandably, a lot of pitchers are getting frustrated. Some, including Red Sox ace David Price, have gone so far as to claim the balls are juiced, forcing MLB to issue a statement denying that this is the case.

On Wednesday, Rockies pitcher Jon Gray used a bat to make his case for the juiced ball theory.

Gray entered Wednesday’s game against the Reds at Coors field hitting a meek .118/.167/.191 with zero home runs and just two extra base hits over parts of three seasons. However, with one man on and two outs in the bottom of the second, Gray annihilated a 90-mph fastball from Cincinnati starter Scott Feldmen, launching it at 104.9 mph on a trajectory that would take it 467 feet away to dead center for his first career dinger.

Take a look:

According to Statcast, that was the longest home run by a pitcher since 2015, and the longest Rockies home run of 2017.

This doesn’t prove the balls are juiced, but we can certainly add it to the growing pile of anecdotal evidence.

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