Giant Female Kickboxer Brutalizes Tiny Opponent Using Repeated Illegal Head Kicks (Video)

Gabi Garcia

Gabi Garcia is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter who doesn’t speak any Japanese. She also comes in at 6’2″, 229 pounds, giving her about 100 pounds on her opponent, Megumi Yebushita, who is also 45 years old.

During their Shoot Boxing match in Japan earlier today, Gabi quickly got her opponent to the ground and laid out a massive kick to the head, which the ref told her was illegal.

Seconds later, because she didn’t understand the ref’s warning (or because she’s a jerk maybe?), she laid out Yebushita again, capping the flurry off with another head kick while she was on the ground.

Check it out. The first illegal head kick takes place at the 2:16 mark:

The ref called the fight a no-contest after Megumi was unable to continue—though, this was clearly grounds for a DQ.

Gabi, even if you don’t speak the language, maybe learn the rules of the sport before stepping in the ring?

Hat Tip – [TMZSports]

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