Report: Billionaire Backs Out of Bid to Buy Marlins Because of “Power-Hungry Derek Jeter” (Pic)

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Image via Getty

The Captain’s bid to buy the Miami Marlins has taken another hit. Chicago billionaire Richard Chaifetz has quit a group looking to purchase the team because—according to the New York Post—he just couldn’t handle a “power-hungry Derek Jeter.”

Seriously, those are the exact words the Post used. Right in the headline! They even photoshopped a picture of Jeter sitting on a throne, wearing a crown and holding a scepter.

Take a look:

new york post jeter photo
According to the Post‘s source, Chaifetz was “uncomfortable” with Jeter seeking control of the team while not investing as much money as other members of the owner’s group. That is basically the same reason former Florida governor Jeb Bush severed ties with Jetes back in May.

Chaifetz’s departure doesn’t necessarily sink Jeter’s pursuit of the Marlins. Apparently Jeter has convinced Bruce Sherman, another billionaire member of his group, to throw more cash in the pot and pick up some of the slack. However, in all likelihood the group would still need to find another investor who doesn’t mind spending his or her own money to buy Jeter a baseball team.

Good luck with that, Derek.

Hat Tip – [New York Post]

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