GoFundMe Page Set Up to Pay Joel Embiid’s NBA Fine for Saying ‘F–k LaVar Ball’

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Image via Getty

Joel Embiid got into some trouble with the NBA after he took to Instagram Live and yelled out ‘Fuck LaVar Ball’ to thousands of his followers on social media.


“F–k LaVar Ball” – @JoelEmbiid

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That cost him $10K. Embiid will make about $6.1 million this season, so he won’t have an issue paying the fine, but that didn’t stop his loyal fans from trying to help.

A 76ers fan quickly took to GoFundMe and started up a page to help pay Embiid’s fine.

Although it was started for Embiid, the page’s creator, Mark C. from Philadelphia, says the money will actually go to the SPCA.

Check out the page here.

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