Man Gets Sentenced To Death While Wearing A Tony Romo Jersey; Gives Two Thumbs Up Right After


Last month, a Las Vegas man facing the death penalty for a double-murder requested to wear his Tony Romo jersey to court as he battled to save his life.

He wore that jersey, but it didn’t stop the jury from convicting him on two counts of first-degree murder with use of a deadly weapon. He was also convicted of one count for conspiracy to commit murder in the deaths of his sixth wife, Sharon Causse, and the hitman he hired to kill her.


On Wednesday, it was time to face the music to see what his punishment would be.

“On Wednesday, a jury decided that Thomas Randolph, 62, should be put to death for having a handyman kill his sixth wife, Sharon Causse, and fatally shooting Michael James Miller, the man he had kill her.

“I feel that’s really what he deserves,” Beyer said. “He’s a monster. He’s one evil, evil monster.”

A panel of eight women and four men handed down two death sentences, one for each victim. Randolph showed no emotional reaction, but turned and gave a thumbs up to a television news producer as he walked out of the courtroom.

Prosecutors say Randolph was motivated by greed and stood to gain upward of $360,000 in insurance money from Causse’s death. That was less than the roughly $500,000 in insurance money he collected after the 1986 death of his second wife, Becky Gault.”

Interception. Game over for Thomas Randolph.

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