Boxer DeMarcus Corley Punished His Son For Peeing in His Coffee By Making Him Spar With Him (VIDEO)


Imagine a family member of yours urinating in your coffee and how angry you would be, especially if you had taken a sip.

That scenario played out in real life for boxer DeMarcus Corley, whose son decided to relieve himself in his coffee,.  So, as a punishment, he made him jump into a ring and spar against him.

“The 43-year-old veteran, who briefly held the WBO light welterweight crown during the early 2000s, forced his son to atone for his sins inside the ring, giving him a tough workout during a hard sparring session for peeing in his coffee.

A video uploaded online of the bout shows the 49-28 brawler throwing serious leather against his son who, to his credit, gives as good as he gets.

He traps the young lad against the ropes before blasting him with some neat bodywork combinations that force his son to take a knee.

Bleeding slightly from the nose and looking exhausted, the lad calls for a towel before the clip cuts out.”


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