Conor McGregor: ‘Mayweather Should’ve Paid His Taxes and Stayed Retired’ (VIDEO)

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When the news broke of Floyd Mayweather’s tax situation, it was just a matter of time before somebody tracked down Conor McGregor and asked him for his thoughts.

“We got Conor in the middle of a super expensive shopping spree at Versace, Dolce, etc — where he told TMZ Sports, “I’m on Rodeo Drive! I’m blowing f*cking loads of it!” 

We also asked Conor about reports that his opponent Floyd Mayweather owes MILLIONS to the IRS for not paying off his 2015 income taxes … a number that some estimate could be more than $100 mil. 

“That’s gotta sting,” McGregor said … “He shoulda paid his taxes and stayed retired and kept my name out of his mouth!”

Conor also had one last note about Floyd — “He’s f*cked now.”

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