Golf Bros Everywhere Are Running Each Other Over with Golf Carts Because the Internet Told Them To (Video)

golf trend golfers running each other over with golf carts

Is social media making human beings as a species stupider, or is it simply pulling back the veil to reveal a latent stupidity that has been there all along? That’s a question I’ve been debating for a long time. Now, thanks to a new golf trend, I’m pretty sure it’s the former.

The trend is only a week old, but it’s only going to get stupider before it goes away.

It all started last week when the classic “would you run over your best friend” meme enjoyed a sudden resurgence thanks to this video:

sorry not sorry! (@bestvines #bestvines)

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After that, somebody somewhere decided it would be hilarious to run over his buddy with a golf cart and put the video on Instagram. Then somebody else saw the video and thought he should do it. Then somebody else saw that video and made his own, and somebody else, and somebody else, until golf bros everywhere were running their friends over with golf carts.

Take a look:


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And he was never heard from or seen again.

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CHOO CHOOOOO (@flans1234)

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Dam water hazard #golfgods #goodmates #timeforaswim

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Parking on top of your friends dead body is barbaric @foreplaypod

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Is this funny? Yes, obviously.

Is it safe? Not at all.

People should stop this madness before somebody gets seriously hurt or, worse, killed.

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