Adidas Unveils New Shoes For Each State, Including A Pizza Sneaker For New Jersey (PICS)

Adidas is trying to change the game.

The company recently partnered with Refinery 29 and multiple female artists to design one-of-a-kind pairs of Ultraboost X sneakers, with each one representing a certain state. These shoes will then be auctioned off to benefit Women Win, an organization that empowers girls through sport.


Several of the shoes were food inspired, including New Jersey pizza, Maine lobster, South Carolina shrimp and grits, Tennessee BBQ, and Wisconsin cheese.

Other examples:

adidas-food-sneakers-georgia-FT-BLOG0717 adidas-food-sneakers-kentucky-FT-BLOG0717 adidas-food-sneakers-maine-FT-BLOG0717 adidas-food-sneakers-south-carolina-FT-BLOG0717 adidas-food-sneakers-tennessee-FT-BLOG0717 adidas-food-sneakers-wisconsin-FT-BLOG0717

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