Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Owes The IRS $22 Million


The talk of social media for the past few days is how Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, who flashes his riches any chance he gets, owes the IRS tax money.

No one knew exactly how much he owed until the Las Vegas Review Journal did some digging and found out the undefeated boxer is facing a $22-million tax lien.

“The lien on Mayweather, who has had several liens against him over the years, was filed in Clark County on March 6. The boxer appears to be taking advantage of a tax law to delay having to pay the IRS until he gets money from his boxing match against UFC superstar Conor McGregor, said Las Vegas-based tax attorney Bob Grossman.

The law provides Mayweather the right to a Collection Due Process Hearing.

“He knows that it will take more than 60 days for IRS to give him a Collection Due Process Hearing,” said Grossman, a former IRS senior trial attorney and currently a tax attorney at the Tax Law Center. “Interesting move and may explain why he’s fighting again after he retired twice.”

Mayweather was none too worried about his tax issue during Tuesday’s news conference in Los Angeles, which was intended to promote his August 26 bout at T-Mobile Arena with McGregor.

“Don’t worry about that,” Mayweather said. “My tax attorney will take care of all that. I ain’t worried about that. I just showed y’all a $100 million check, I ain’t even cashed, on stage. We ain’t tripping on that.”

“Let me show y’all what a $100 million fighter look like,” Mayweather screamed while flashing his nine-figure paycheck. “Still got $100 million, and I ain’t never touched this.”

Forbes estimated Mayweather’s net worth at $340 million in January.


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