Michael Jordan Joins Derek Jeter’s Group Bid For Miami Marlins

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Derek Jeter may have hit a wall with an earlier incarnation of his group of investors bidding on the Miami Marlins, but he’s not going to let a few obstacles keep him from pursuing his dream of owning an MLB team.

The Yankee great has recruited another former athlete and experienced owner, Michael Jordan, to join his group pledging $1.2 billion to buy the team.

Sources from The Score say that Jordan won’t put in much cash, but will lend legitimacy to the investors. Of course, it’s not clear exactly how much “legitimacy” the group will need if they have cash, but it never hurts to have MJ in your corner.

Jeter and Jordan were both cornerstones of the Nike Jumpman brand for years and have a history as friends, so this isn’t a total surprise—though, knowing Jordan’s personality, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be able to kick back and cede control to anyone, even a friend like Jeter.

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