Someone Started A GoFundMe To Help Floyd Mayweather Pay His 2015 Taxes

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You knew this was coming.

It was reported earlier this week that boxing legend Floyd Mayweather owed a significant amount of money to the IRS from 2015—a year in which he had a mega-fight with Manny Pacquiao and took home upwards of $200M.

Despite having paid $26M to the IRS in 2015, the Las Vegas Review Journal did some digging and found out the undefeated boxer is facing a $22-million tax lien.

Forbes estimated Mayweather’s net worth at $340 million back in January, but that didn’t stop someone from creating a GoFundMe page to help Mayweather pay off his 2015 taxes.

The post reads as follows:

“Lets everyone come together to help out Floyd Mayweather out of a jam. Sure, he made 700 Million dollars fighting in his career but between beating women and running in the ring he forgot to pay his taxes. 

Lets come together to help out poor Floyd…….Anyone?…..No?……#TeamMcGregor”

Check out the entire site here.

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