Spanish Call of Aaron Judge Home Run Derby Performance Is Pure Gold (Video)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge put on one of the greatest displays of raw power anybody has ever seen at the 2017 Home Run Derby in Miami on Monday night. He did not hit the most home runs in a single derby, or the most home runs in a single round. But the 6’7″ 275-pound rookie did smash baseballs harder and farther than anybody we’ve ever seen en route to the title.

Just look at his second-round performance. Judge “only” hit 13 dingers—because that’s all he needed to beat fellow rookie Cody Bellinger—but three of those 13 dingers travelled a combined 1,521 feet.

Seriously. Home run #10 was measured at 501 feet. Home run #11 was measured at 513 feet. And home run #13 was measured at 507 feet. It was absolutely unreal.

Of course, if you were watching the derby on ESPN’s main broadcast, the calls of Judge’s bombs were pretty terrible:

However, the call en Espanol by Ernesto Jerez over on ESPN Deportes was absolutely awesome:

Next time ESPN can just have Jerez do the English broadcast, too. Nobody will even care if he only speaks Spanish as long as all the calls are like that.

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