Twitter Gives Pitbull a Hard Time About His Wardrobe Choices for Home Run Derby Performance (Tweets)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

There was a nationally televised sporting event in Miami last night, so naturally Pitbull was there.

The event, of course, was the MLB Home Run Derby. I don’t know if MLB actually booked Pitbull, or if they just assumed he would show up and perform a couple of numbers. But he did show up, and he did perform.

Unfortunately the fans in attendance were not into Pitbull’s performance:

But the fans at home sure enjoyed it. Or at least, they enjoyed making fun of Pitbull’s outfit, which consisted of an undersized Marlins jersey tucked into tight white pants that were pulled up to his naval.

Take a look at what the Twitter peanut gallery had to say:

Thanks for the performance, Pitbull. See you on New Year’s Eve.

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