ESPN & SC6 Had The Bleep Button Ready For Conor McGregor Because He Cursed Up A Storm (VIDEOS)


MMA fighter Conor McGregor is pretty much known for his highly entertaining and profane interviews, so sports shows have to prepare for the inevitable. ESPN has now realized that McGregor’s likely to be profane, as they had the bleep button or audio drop ready, waiting for him to go full Conor McGregor. And he did exactly that.

Here are some of the highlights of McGregor cursing, and Michael Smith and Jemele Hill reacting to it. 

“I wasn’t really, I suppose, sure what to expect. The format is a lot different [than a UFC press conference]. They were very vague on the details, there were speeches and all that, I see guys get up, full speeches, I was like [bleeped], I couldn’t hear when they were speaking. There was some guy with gray hair and a big afro! [presumably Don King; Smith and Hill lose it at this point.] So I just went up and had fun and embraced it.”


McGregor then went on to insult Mayweather:

“His little head and my big fist, they don’t go together, so he will be done for,” McGregor says. Smith then says “He’s hard to hit, he’s one of the best defensive fighters in history; how are you going to land a punch?” McGregor reponds “I don’t care! I don’t [bleeping] care!”

Later on, McGregor dropped a “I don’t [bleeping] care what people think!” while relaying what Mayweather said to him about “Next we’ll do a MMA fight,” and then went on to drop a bunch of further words that got bleeped:

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