Genius Strategy Baltimore Ravens Used To Seal Win Last Season Is Now Banned Due To NFL Rule Change (VIDEO)


Back in December, the Baltimore Ravens followed through with a genius plan to end their game against the Cincinnati Bengals.  That plan was to hold every single player during a punt in order to intentionally run out the clock, rather than give the Bengals the ball back for a chance to win the game.

The NFL’s competition committee immediately decided they would review whether the tactic used will be legal for the 2017 season and beyond. A little over a month before the start of the season and the NFL has released its official rule book for the 2017 season, and it, of course, includes major changes.


A team may not commit multiple fouls during the same down in an attempt to manipulate the game clock.

Penalty: For multiple fouls to run off time from the game clock: Loss of 15 yards, and the game clock will be reset to where it was at the snap. After the penalty is enforced, the game clock will start on the next snap.

Basically,  The Ravens or any other team won’t be allowed to duplicate this same play below to end a football game.


The San Francisco 49ers used a similar type of play against the New Orleans Saints to prevent them from taking a shot at the end zone before the half.


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