NFL’s Adolphus Washington Crazy Arrest Video; Had Gun In Hand & Is Lucky to Be Alive (VIDEO)

Adolphus Washington

Adolphus Washington is alive and well today and he can thank a properly trained officer who asked questions first before ‘fearing for his life’ and taking his.

TMZ Sports obtained the video of the moment the Buffalo Bills lineman was confronted by police while handling a gun in his car and it was extremely intense.

“Cops stormed Washington’s 3-wheeled Slingshot vehicle as they were clearing out a party at a Cincinnati-area water park. Cops say they saw Washington reach down and pick up a Glock.

Officers screamed at 24-year-old Washington to keep his hands up and get out of the car — as Washington tries desperately to explain the situation.

Once he’s in custody, one of the officers asks Washington, “Why the hell would you have that gun in your hand?!”

The officer is pissed that Washington would put everyone in that situation and says, “I’m not trying to shoot anyone out here.”

Washington responds, “I’m not trying to get shot.”

At one point the cop says, “You don’t know how lucky you are buddy.”


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