Singer LAUGHS During Canadian Anthem at ASG, Gets Death Stare from Blue Jays’ Justin Smoak (Video)

justin smoak death stare canadian anthem fail all-star game

Justin Smoak was born and raised in Goose Creek, South Carolina. However, given his reaction to “O Canada” getting botched at the All-Star Game for the second straight year, Smoak is now an honorary Canadian.

Last year, as you may recall, Canadian Tenor Remigio Pereira pissed off Canucks everywhere when he went rogue and changed the words to “O Canada.” All Canadian baseball fans were asking for this year was a simple, straightforward, faithful rendition of their national anthem.

Unfortunately, that’s not what they got. For some reason, Canadian pop singer Jocelyn Alice giggled right after the words “God keep our land.”

Smoak, the first baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays, happened to be on camera when Alice giggled. His reaction was priceless.

Take a look:

While not nearly as bad as Remegio Pereira’s debacle, Canadians watching at home were still not very happy with Jocelyn Alice. However, they absolutely LOVED Smoak’s death stare:

If Justin Smoak and his wife ever thought about applying for permanent residence in the Great White North, now would be a good time.

Hat Tip – [Toronto Star]

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