Brandon Marshall Ends Radio Spot Abruptly After Discussion On Black Men Getting Treated Different Is Brought Up (VIDEO)

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall is no stranger to controversies throughout his NFL career.

The New York Giants wide receiver was a guest on Kirk & Callahan on WEEI 93.7FM Thursday morning and it ended rather abruptly after the conversation quickly shifted to an area Marshall didn’t agree with.

Five minutes into his spot on “The Kirk and Callahan Show,” the topic of race began to surface.

“I’m not getting into the race card with you guys,” Marshall said in response to a question about comments he made in the past about the discrepancy in the treatment of black players and white players. “So, if that’s what you guys want to do, you can go there, but black guys in America get treated differently, period. So I’ll just say that.”

To a follow-up question, Marshall responded, “Are we done with this interview? Can I get off of this interview? Alright, I’m done with you guys.

“Come on, guys. You’re going back to a year ago, brother. You guys made news, you got Brandon Marshall to say black guys get treated differently and I’m going to drop the mic on you guys … Change the subject or I’m getting off. I’m dropping the mic.”

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