Cubs Fans Are Keeping Their World Series Betting Slips as Souvenirs, And Vegas Is LOVING IT

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Cubs fans are a sentimental bunch, no doubt, but, against all odds, those emotional connections are actually saving Vegas a TON of cash.


Because rather than cash in their betting slips for a Cubs World Series win, Chicago fans are keeping them as souvenirs. Which means Vegas doesn’t need to pay out.

More than twice as many people bet on the Cubs to win the World Series than any other team in baseball, and when the 180-day window to turn in their tickets came and went, ESPN reported that 30% of the tickets remained outstanding. The average bet of those tickets was only $26 bucks, but at 4-1, that saved just one casino $100k.

Cubs fans: Even when they win, they still kinda lose.


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