McGregor’s Coach: Mayweather Should Stick to ‘Hitting Girls & Running Strip Clubs’ (TWEET)

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Image via Getty

There sure is a lot of hatred being thrown back and forth between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, as they get set for their boxing match in August.

Part of me feels as though this is all part of their plan to sell more tickets and PPV packages, but another part of me feels as though the hate between these two is quickly becoming real. Whatever the case may be, neither side appears to be holding back at this point.

On Wednesday, after McGregor ruthlessly roasted Mayweather on the stage during their press conference in Toronto, McGregor’s coach continued the onslaught on Twitter.

It all started with this tweet from coach John Kavanagh:

That’s harsh (but not completely undeserving).

For those expecting Kavanagh to back off those comments at some point, think again… 

The man has a point.

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