McGregor Describes Black Boxers in Apollo’s Gym in Rocky 3 as “Dancing Monkeys” (VIDEO)

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UFC Lightweight champ Conor McGregor has caught a bunch of heat over the past few days after he referred to Floyd Mayweather as ‘boy’ and told him to ‘dance for me, boy’. That had social media buzzing for days, as referring to a black man as “boy” in America has an extremely negative history that goes all the way back to slavery.



If that wasn’t bad enough, McGregor had a quick interview with Jimmy Kimmel’s Guillermo in a segment that aired Wednesday night, and during it, he made the situation that much worse.

Guillermo asked McGregor a question of who would win a fight: him, or Rocky III? McGregor thought for a few seconds before blurting out and saying, “That was the one [with] the dancing monkeys in the gym.”

There are no dancing monkeys in a gym. He was referring to the Black people in this scene:

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