Richard Sherman: Players Must Consider Strike To Get NBA, MLB Money


Unlike any other year in recent memory, the amount of money that is being handed out in the NBA has National Football Players a bit salty.  That’s because they’d also like to see themselves given the same type of deals, or bigger, since they play the most popular sport in the USA.

Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman seems to have a solution to increase their payout; he posed the notion of a strike to his colleagues.

“If we want as the NFL, as a union, to get anything done, players have to be willing to strike. That’s the thing that guys need to 100 percent realize,” Sherman said to

“You’re going to have to miss games, you’re going to have to lose some money if you’re willing to make the point, because that’s how MLB and NBA got it done. They missed games, they struck, they flexed every bit of power they had, and it was awesome. It worked out for them.”

Sherman also gave props to players like Kevin Durant and LeBron James for agreeing to short-term deals in order to take advantage of the league’s salary structure.

“NBA players like KD and LeBron are sitting there taking two-year deals like it’s nothing,” Sherman said. “They figure, ‘I’ll take a two-year deal because I’m going to wait for the salary cap to increase and get another bite at the apple.’ In our sport, they won’t do it.”

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