Sri Lanka Cricket Staffers Forced to Strip Down to Their Underwear to Get Paid (Pics)

sri lanka cricket staff take off pants

Sri Lanka Cricket was forced to issue an apology this week after the grounds crew for a recent tournament was forced to strip down to their underwear in order to get paid.

The crew, made up of roughly 100 young people, had been working for a daily wage of 1,000 rupees ($6.50) for a series of matches between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe at Mahinda Rajapaksa International Stadium. During their employment, workers were provided with Sri Lanka Cricket-branded pants to wear as uniforms. When the workers went to collect their wages after the final event, they were told that they would not get paid until they had returned the pants.

According to the workers, they were not told about this condition beforehand. Thus, a great many of them did not bring a change of pants with them to work that day. However, because they knew they probably wouldn’t get their money if they left, the workers had to take off their pants and walk home in their underwear.

sri lanka cricket staff take off pants to get paid

Fully aware of how this makes them look, Sri Lanka Cricket officials have condemned these actions.

“Whilst stern action will be taken against those responsible, Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to apologise to those subjected to this ignominy, and will take steps to ensure they are compensated,” they said in a statement.

We’re still waiting to find out exactly how they plan to compensate the employees they humiliated.

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