Cop Bumps Into Downhill Skateboarder Causing Him to Crash Violently Into Police Cruiser (Videos)

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Hundreds of people illegally shut down Dolores street in San Francisco on Tuesday for an annual downhill skateboarding competition. Unfortunately, when police stepped in and tried to put an end to it, things got ugly.

The informal event involves “hill bombing,” which is basically just skaters racing down a hill, most without helmets or any other protective gear. Since there was no permit for the event it was deemed a threat to public safety, and cops tried to shut it down.

When skaters refused to stop, the police parked one of their cruisers at the foot of the hill in an effort to deter racers. But the deterrent was ineffective and, unfortunately, this led to a horrific run-in between one police officer and a skater known as Anthiiny.

In two separate videos of the incident, you can see that as the skater approaches the bottom of the hill he starts to veer to the left to go around the car. However, his path takes him precariously close to a police officer, and right as he is passing, said officer leans forward with his shoulder ever so slightly.

The impact sends the skater flying right into the front driver’s side fender of the police car. Upon impact, the kid tumbles over the hood, head over feet, and eventually crashes into the pavement on the other side.

Here’s angle one:

Here’s angle two:

Cop just caused a kid to eat shit . Officer badge name is Paul , skater is @Anthiiny

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The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the skater was transported to a hospital via ambulance. They were not able to provide an update on his condition. Presumably he’s in pretty rough shape.

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