Jason Whitlock Says Fighting Against Racism Is ‘Stupid’ During Anti-Kaepernick Rant


Former San Francisco 49ers QB Joe Montana seems to think it’s not protesting that has kept Kaepernick from securing a job for the upcoming season, but rather his lack of skill that is to blame for his unemployment.

Kaepernick haters absolutely loved the quote and Jason Whitlock was no exception. While guest-hosting The Herd, he brought up Montana’s comments and used them as proof to back up his take that Kaepernick isn’t being blackballed by the league.

It went from a normal rant to downright bizarre as Whitlock began to mock Kaepernick’s movement.  He started the segment by speaking with a caller from Ohio named Abed, who dared to defend Kaepernick’s protest by pointing out that it was a selfless act. Whitlock wasn’t having it…

You can have that point of view. There are others, like myself, who think he I doing this for himself. That this is about working through his identity issues and building the Kaepernick brand. I disagree with you. You can have your opinion, but there are those of us who think he started this trying to build his own brand. It wasn’t really about the country.

Abed wondered if he would have drawn as much attention to the issues had he gone with a more subtle approach, because kneeling silently isn’t subtle enough. Whitlock responded…

Abed, let me ask you this: Why do you think attention is some great solution? ‘Oh you gotta have attention. A lot of progress is made quietly, and the kind of progress he’s talking about is going to have to happen in congress and with our law-makers in order to improve the things he’s talking about, or I think he’s talking about.

Whitlock then went full stupid by stating that Kaepernick’s fight was dumb and that racism isn’t worth fighting because it’s always been around.

“This whole ‘Let’s take on racism in America.’ That’s so big; that’s the equivalent of ‘Let’s fight air in the world.’ Racial bigotry and unfairness along racial lines has been in the world since the beginning of time. It’s not going to go away.

We’re trying to fix people’s feelings. And I don’t think what Kaepernick understands — and some other people don’t understand — is the 1960s were about changing fixing laws. [In] America, you can address laws; you can’t legislate feelings — and it’s stupid!

Because once you start legislating feelings, the next thing you know their legislating my feelings. My father’s feelings. And it’s not the right thing to do. It can’t be done. It will lead to anarchy and rebellion. You can’t start legislating people’s feelings. And, again, many of my feelings are inappropriate. I don’t want them legislated against.”

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