Gotta See It: One-Handed Little Leaguer Smashes EPIC Home Run (Video)

one-handed 11-year-old little leaguer smashes epic home run

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge got a lot of attention for the dingers he hit this week at the 2017 MLB Home Run Derby. But that dude is 6’7″ tall, 275 pounds, and has two hands. He’s supposed to hit bombs. That’s not necessarily the case for the kid in the video you’re about to watch.

Keenan Briggs is just 11 years old, and he was born without a left hand. Prior to this month, the Kentucky native had never hit a home run. However, in game one of his team’s Little League all-star tournament, Briggs crushed a no-doubter over the left field fence, propelling his team to a 20-7 win with his first ever home run.

Take a look:

“It felt great,” Briggs later told the Bowling Green Daily News. “Once I hit it, I just knew it was going. It was amazing.”

Somebody put this kid on a Wheaties box. He is my new hero.

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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