Carmelo Anthony Reportedly Not Pleased at Knicks Holding Up His Trade to The Houston Rockets

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

With former team president Phil Jackson—who openly stated he wanted him off the team—now out of the picture, the New York Knicks have seemingly reversed course on trading Carmelo Anthony in hopes of keeping him with the team.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Knicks trading Melo to the Houston Rockets was ‘on the 2-yard line.’  Now it appears as though everything has quickly changed, and Melo is not happy about it.

“It appears that Anthony remains committed to finalizing a trade to the Houston Rockets despite the Knicks’ sudden hesitation to complete the deal in the wake of the proposed hiring of new general manager Scott Perry.

According to an executive of one the four teams involved in the proposed trade, all sides, including Anthony, are frustrated over reports that Knicks president Steve Mills is having second thoughts. In fact, ESPN reported that the Knicks want the chance to talk to Anthony about possibly remaining in New York, which at this stage in the process seems highly unlikely.

“That’s crazy,” a source told the News. “From what I understand Carmelo is under the belief that he’s going to the Rockets. That’s what the Knicks have been telling us; that they’re trading him. I can’t imagine that after all he went through last season with Phil (Jackson) he’s happy with this.”

The Knicks were at the 2-yard line and much like the Seattle Seahawks, they threw it instead of running it in. Free Melo.

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