Mayweather Claims McGregor Called Him a Monkey When Mic Was Off, So He Called Him A F*ggot (VIDEO)

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By the time Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor got to London for their fourth and final leg of the world tour, both had ran out of ideas on how to insult the other.

At one point during the presser, Mayweather called McGregor a faggot.  That comment didn’t sit too well with an LGBT organization that condemned the fighter for using such hurtful and harmful language.

According to TMZ, there is more to the story on why Mayweather said what he said.

“Mayweather’s rep says, “The reason Floyd called Conor the F word is because Conor called Floyd a monkey. Floyd has nothing against gays or lesbians at all … Floyd has them on his staff. Floyd has nothing but the utmost respect for gays and lesbians.”

We’re told the monkey comment allegedly happened off mic when Conor was storming around the stage and hyping up the crowd.”

Here’s the video from the incident:

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