An Upset LaVar Ball Drills Into Son LaMelo, AAU Team For 8 Minutes; Calls LaMelo Selfish & ‘Not A Leader’ (VIDEO)

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When LaVar Ball isn’t giving hot takes to different sports shows around the country, he’s coaching his son, LaMelo Ball, and his AAU team. Over the weekend, the Big Ballers AAU team were not playing up to LaVar’s standard and he absolutely ripped everyone on the squad for a lack of defense, poor effort, and for focusing more on what’s on their cell phone than their actual play on the court.

His son LaMelo may have gotten the worst of the tirade after he was called out individually for not checking his teammates for their bad play and for also being ‘selfish’. LaVar also called him out for being the ‘weakest link on defense’.

“You not a leader,” said a seriously pissed off LaVar. “You ain’t say nothing to nobody.”

“When the shit get hard, I know you ain’t gonna come back and win,” said the 48-year-old. “I already know it. Because every one of ya got a damn phone and ya wanna tweet and Snapchat that bullshit. Let’s win the championship and then Snapchat.”




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