Brandon Rios Shuts Down Rumors He KO’d McGregor During Sparring Match (VIDEO)

McGregor Rios

Yesterday, more news came out suggesting that Conor McGregor would be dead in the water facing Floyd Mayweather, when boxer Jessie Vargas said that Conor McGregor got knocked out cold by his training partner, Brandon Rios.

Here’s the video of Vargas’ accusation:

Well, that’s not very good for the fight’s PR, now is it? So Rios has quickly stepped up to set the record straight on the matter. Or, at the very least, spin the story in a way that maximizes PPV buys and ticket sales for the August matchup.

Rios brands the story “fake news” in a lengthy video which includes a phone call between Brandon and the people at EsNews. I suppose we’re inclined to believe him, as much as you can believe any party involved in this fight.

Of course, the truth here doesn’t really affect that outcome of the match, but it does shape appearances, which will definitely affect both fighters’ bottom lines.

We’ll see if Conor McGregor’s a legitimate boxer soon enough.

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