Dude with Golden Announcer Voice Got 317 Calls After His Video Went Viral (Videos)

bob menery dude with golden announcer voice goes viral

Last Tuesday a Massachusetts man named Bob Menery uploaded some videos on YouTube showing off his sports announcer voice. Three days later his life was changed forever.

You see, on Wednesday the videos were picked up by sports blogs. On Thursday Menery turned his phone off and left it in his car while he went to play golf. When he turned it back on four hours later he’d missed 317 calls. His videos had gone viral and people were knocking down his door.

Menery spent five years out in Los Angeles trying to make it as an actor. After that he came back home to Andover, Massachusetts, and decided to give comedy a try. His announcer voice is just one of the bits he’d developed.

“Basically, I’ve had a cool little voice that I did,” he told For The Win on Friday. “People told me I had a great voice. I was just doing this shtick. I would incorporate the voice and do some broadcasting on the street in all these videos. I never did anything with it.”

Take a look at the videos. You won’t believe this is just some guy and not a veteran broadcaster:

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Crazy, right?

Menery says he hasn’t slept well since his phone blew up last week. He’s been overwhelmed by anxiety, trying to figure out how to parlay his sudden exposure into an actual career. His friends are trying to help him develop a social media presence and help him field calls from people willing to pay him to use his amazing voice.

Hopefully somebody has advised him to get an agent. This guy should be able to get TONS of work. He’s got absolutely no experience and he’s already better than half the idiots on TV.

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