Witness Claims Ezekiel Elliott Didn’t Throw Any Punches At DJ At Bar

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Since the initial report of Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott being involved in an incident that broke the nose of a DJ at a popular bar in Dallas – More details have emerged and witnessed are coming forward to state what they saw happened over the weekend.

Michael Huffman, who was present the night of the incident tells a different story than what has been reported since the story broke Monday Morning.

He reportedly told the Fort Worth Star -Telegram says that Elliott didn’t throw the punch.

It didn’t go down like that,” Huffman said regarding the contention that Elliott broke the DJ’s nose. “Everybody is saying that, but he didn’t throw the punch. . . . Zeke was just standing there arms folded chilling, feeling the crowd. Then I seen [the] DJ getting loud toward the vicinity of Zeke and then I see an overhand right come over the back of Zeke shoulder that landed square in [the DJ’s] face and he went to sleep. He didn’t even see it. Then the crowd circled and dispersed. I’m surprised a whole video hasn’t been released yet.”

With so many people at the bar and with Ezekiel Elliott’s mere presence – there should be tons of footage of what happened that should either clear Ezekiel or send him to the Roger Goodell’s office for punishment.

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