Sports Broadcaster Ruins Baseball-Themed Gender Reveal by Taking a Pitch (Video)

baseball-themed gender reveal goes horribly wrong

As you may have noticed, the latest trend in the baby-having business is the “gender reveal party.” That’s when the parents-to-be gather their closest friends and family together and make a big to-do about revealing whether they are having a boy or a girl.

It all started simply enough. The mom and dad would cut into a cake, and it was either blue or pink, and everyone was like, “oooooh awwwwwe yaaaaay!” And that was it. But then these videos started going viral, and pretty soon everybody was trying to outdo each other with more elaborate announcements.

That brings us to Atlanta sports broadcaster Kyle Tait. Being a sports broadcaster, he and his wife decided to go with a baseball themed gender reveal. She would pitch a ball, he would hit it with a baseball bat, and it would explode into a cloud of either pink or blue dust.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. The pitch from mom was not to Kyle’s liking, and his extensive baseball training kicked in. Instead of swinging he took the pitch, and the ball smashed on the ground.

Take a look:

Damnit, Kyle, you ruined everything.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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