Cowboys’ Lucky Whitehead Pays Ransom & Gets His Dog Back ‘Home Safely’ After Being Stolen By Rappers

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A happy ending.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead is a happy man this morning after he announced on Tuesday that his dog, Blitz, was returned back to him safely after being purposely stolen and held for ransom.

Whitehead posted on Instagram over the weekend that someone broke into his house July 9 while he was out of town and stole his dog.

He posted a short video on Snapchat early Tuesday morning of Blitz that said, “Look who made it home safely !!! THANKS EVERYONE.”


On Monday, a Ft. Worth rapper took to social media and stated he had the dog and wanted $20K from Whitehead to get it back.

Whitehead had refused to pay the $20K, but stated he did pay an undisclosed amount to get Blitz back.

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