Golf Announcer Calling DeAndre Jordan’s Missed Free Throws Is Comedy Gold (Video)

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Poor DeAndre Jordan. He’s left on the sinking ship that is the Clippers, just two years after his teammates literally forced him to bail on moving to another team. Now he’ll be missing free throws with a rebuilding team while his friend Chris Paul chase titles elsewhere.

But he’ll always have this! It’s a video of DeAndre, a notoriously bad free throw shooter, missing free throws while breathy golf announcers call the action. It’s an inspired premise that’s sure to delight.

Check it out:

The execution isn’t even that good, yet this is STILL funny. The subtle exasperation of the golf announcers is the perfect proxy for the torment Clippers fans feel every time their big man steps to the line to shank a couple free throws. I would imagine that DeAndre also has a quiet golf course-like environment in his head when he shoots, only to hear the gallery bellow in disappointment.

It must really suck to be as bad at free throws as he is.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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