Josh Donaldson Hits Umpire in the Head With His Bat (VIDEO)

Josh Donaldson Hits Umpire Bat

After reading that title, you may think this was a senseless act of violence by Josh Donaldson that will likely end in a lengthy suspension or expulsion from the game…

But it’s wasn’t.

Rather, this was simply a case of misfortune as the Toronto Blue Jays third baseman was unable to hold onto his bat after fouling off a 93 mph fastball.  The result was a scary scene at home plate, with umpire Chris Segal hitting the deck after taking Donaldson’s bat to the noggin.

Thankfully, Segal was able to shake this one off and stay in the game.  But after watching the video below, you’ll all agree that this could have ended a lot worse than it did:

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