Julian Edelman’s Ex-Teacher Says Sorry For Telling Him He Wouldn’t Be A Football Player 11 Years Ago

julian edelman shows support for tom brady

Julian Edelman may only be 5’10”, but he is one of the most dangerous wide receivers in the league when he gets in open space.

Eleven years ago, Edelman was attending the College of San Mateo and had dreams of making it to the league one day.  He told his English teacher that and she shot it down and informed him to set ‘realistic’ career goals. That moment in his life clearly didn’t crush his spirit, however, as he is now a two-time Super Bowl champion.

That moment has been replaying in the mind of that teacher so much so that she took the time to write Edelman and apologize for what she told him all those years ago. Edelman posted the letter on Twitter:


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