Kaepernick Fires Back at Michael Vick; Says He Suffers From ‘Stockholm Syndrome’


On Monday’s edition of ‘Speak For Yourself’ on Fox Sports, former NFL QB Michael Vick had some rather interesting comments regarding Colin Kaepernick and how he can rebuild his image—which included cutting his hair.

He didn’t stop there, either.  Vick also stated Kaepernick’s main reason for not having a job is his play on the field for the past two years, and not his protests.

“It has nothing to do with him being blackballed,” Vick said. “The gesture that he made last year when he took the stand to do what he did, listen, we all appreciated it, we respected it, and it was a good thing. I really think the stand that he took has nothing to do with him not having a job playing in the National Football League right now.

And being frank, Colin didn’t have the best two years his last two seasons. It wasn’t as productive as what we’ve seen him do. And maybe it was due to coaching changes and musical chairs in the positions around him and players, but I think in terms of him getting back on the field, it’s going to have to be a team that suits his skill set and what he does well: mobility inside and outside of the pocket, making plays with his feet, maybe a little bit of the wildcat — whatever they want to call it — mixed in, but it has to be some kind of scheme that helps Kaepernick and that team in terms of productivity.

Any other type of offense I don’t think will help him right now because it’s going to take him so long to adjust and learn the system, protections, blitzes, what to look for, receivers, that type of camaraderie doesn’t happen overnight.”

On Tuesday, Kaepernick responded by saying Michael Vick suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. “This syndrome is also called ‘traumatic bonding’ or ‘victim brainwashing.'”


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