Marlon Wayans Says Mike Vick Is A Cornrow’d Hypocrite For Telling Kaepernick To Cut His Hair (VIDEO)

marlon wayans

On Monday, Michael Vick was a guest on Fox Sports Radio as well as ‘Speak For Yourself’ on FS1.  While speaking on both shows, he delivered some eye popping comments on how Colin Kaepernick can rebuild his image.


TMZ Sports caught up with actor and comedian Marlon Wayans and he blasted Michael Vick for being a hypocrite, as he sported cornrows for much of his career. Wayans also said Kaepernick’s hair has absolutely nothing to do with him not being able to get a job.

“Aw, Mike Vick! You had damn cornrows! What the hell!”

Marlon did go on to admit that Kaepernick needed to silence his haters and critics last year on the field with his play, and that didn’t happen.

“You can’t kneel AND throw interceptions!” Wayans says … “You ain’t gonna score? You ain’t gonna have them yards? You better stand up and pledge allegiance, sir!”

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