Washington Redskins President Thinks His Quarterback’s Name Is “Kurt Cousins” (Video)

washington redskins president calls kirk cousins kurt

It’s bad enough that Washington Redskins president Bruce Allen botched negotiations with franchise quarterback Kirk Cousins. Now it turns out he doesn’t even know the guy’s name.

On Monday. Washington missed the deadline to sign Kirk Cousins to a longterm contract extension. The team offered Cousins a contract with $53 million guaranteed, but Cousins understandably rejected that deal. As CBS’s Wil Brinson pointed out, Cousins will earn $23.9 million in 2017 playing under the franchise tag for a second straight year, and he will earn $28.7 million playing under the tag for a third straight year in 2018. That’s only $400,000 less than the guaranteed money the Redskins offered him.


You can’t blame Cousins for rolling the dice. If he can get through the next two seasons without suffering a major injury, he stands to make a hell of a lot more money as a free agent in 2019.

The Redskins, meanwhile, come off looking like complete morons. And the short statement Bruce Allen made to the media definitely did not help.

While trying in vain to spin what happened with Kirk Cousins—that’s K-I-R-K Cousins—Allen called him Kurt not once, not twice, but six times in two minutes.

Seriously. The president of the team can’t get the quarterback’s name right.

Here’s one example:

And here’s a “Kurt Cousins” supercut:

In two years this team is going to be a total dumpster fire.

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