Watch As Cowboys’ Terrance Williams Races Man Outside XTC Cabaret in Dallas (VIDEO)

Terrance Williams

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams is not one to turn down a challenge, especially if it involves running. That’s exactly what happened recently when someone decided to challenge the speedy receiver to a race outside XTC Cabaret in Dallas.

TMZ obtained the footage, but stated the receiver raced a guy he had a heated conversation with.  Rather than duke it out, they decided to settle it with a race. Williams stated none of that was true.

“That’s a fake story,’’ Williams tells me in a 5:45 a.m. Tuesday conversation. “That’s my best friend I’m running with. And we only did it because I was waiting on my car.’’

Williams tells me he did indeed show up to XTC Cabaret in Dallas to “celebrate a friend’s birthday … I showed up and briefly showed my face. And then we left – not at 5 a.m., but at 3 a.m. We waited for my car, we ran, and then I left and went home and got ready for workouts the next day.’’

Williams says there was no “beef’’ or “heated conversation.’’ But he’s miffed at TMZ for posting a story with so many inaccuracies.”

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