Buffalo Sports Anchor Throws Massive Shade At Former Bills CB Stephon Gilmore (VIDEO)

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins

If you’re going to shade somebody, this is how you do it.

Former Buffalo Bills CB Stephon Gilmore and his departure from the team came with a bit of controversy as there was bitterness on both sides. Gilmore decided to throw one last parting shot at the Bills franchise when he took to Twitter and said this:


Bills fans may see the New England Patriots as a rival, but it is hardly that as the Pats usually come out on top anytime they match up during the season.

The success of the franchise as a whole pretty much ended in the 90’s. The team has yet to qualify for the playoffs since the 1999 season and they are rarely on National TV, which is what Gilmore is eluding to.

One Buffalo sports anchor wasn’t going to take this jab lightly.  He responded during his news cast by putting together a compilation of bad play featuring Gilmore to show the people what they’ve been missing.

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