Corey Dillon on Hall of Fame: ‘O.J. Simpson Is In There & My Numbers Are Better Than His’

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It’s been 10 years since Corey Dillon put pads on to grace an NFL field. Now 42-years-old, the former Cincinnati Bengals running back is reflecting about the game and, most importantly, his legacy.

During a recent interview with Bengals Beat Podcast, Dillon was asked about his Pro Football Hall of Fame credentials. He took that opportunity to throw shots at players who got a job on TV and basically campaigned their way into the hall of fame.

“I am who I am. My numbers are what they are. I don’t know if I have to go on TV to politic this thing. It seems like that’s where this thing is going where you have to go and get a job on one of these networks. I don’t think that’s the right way of going about it. Somebody should be able to just sit there and look at these numbers and say, you know what, this guy is legit.”

Dillon got his much-coveted Super Bowl ring with the New England Patriots at Super Bowl XXXIX, where he rushed for 75 rushing yards and a touchdown, while also catching 3 passes for 31 yards, for a total of 106 yards.

Dillon wasn’t done spewing venom as he then compared his legacy and numbers to that of former Buffalo Bills RB O.J. Simpson.

I’m just bringing up this guy football-wise, nothing else, nothing whatsoever. You’ve got O.J. Simpson in the Hall of Fame and my numbers are better than his. Why can’t I be there is my question? What validates him being there and I don’t. I’m not talking about his transgressions off the field, that’s on him.

He then turned his attention to former Denver Broncos RB Terrell Davis, who is enshrined, but he doesn’t believe he should be.

“I see Terrell Davis get in. And I’m like “Two Super Bowls, an MVP. This guy only has at the most 9,000 yards.” I’m thinking, “I’ve got a Super Bowl too.”

I look at this too, you played for the Broncos, okay? Any running back that got in that system, they were good. Tell me one running back that played there that didn’t have stats.”

Dillon ended his career with 11,241 rushing yards on 2,618 attempts with 82 touchdowns.

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