Cowboys Legend Tony Dorsett Has Advice for Ezekiel Elliott: Just Say NO (Video)


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Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott does not know how to keep a low profile.

In March he went to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade and pulled down a woman’s shirt to expose her breasts. In April he was pulled over by cops after being clocked driving 100 mph in a 70 mph zone. And just this past Sunday he was involved in an altercation at a Dallas club in which he may or may not have broken somebody’s nose.

None of this would really be that bad if not for the fact that Elliott entered the league last summer dogged by allegations of domestic violence. With the NFL already investigating and threatening to suspend him over that, you would think Zeke would lay low and avoid doing anything to jeopardize his chances of earning $100 million over the next 10 years.

Unfortunately, like a lot of filthy rich 21-year-old pro athletes before him (see Manziel, Johnny), Elliott seems to think he is invincible. And a lot of people in football are getting concerned that he might piss it all away.

Now, some of those people are speaking up.

Dallas Cowboys legend Tony Dorsett has been in Elliott’s shoes before. Speaking to Dallas-Fort Worth’s NBC5 on Monday, the Hall of Fame running back said Zeke needs to learn to say no.

“It’s like an avalanche,” Dorsett said. “When it comes down it could come crushing down on you, so you’ve got to be careful. You’ve got to pick and choose your people. That’s the unfortunate part about it is the fact that there’s a lot of people when you get that stardom they want to be a part of it. They want to be seen with you. They want to do this with you. They want to do that with you.”

“Sometimes you got to be a little standoffish,” Dorsett continued. “You can be appreciative, ‘Thank you for all of this, but no I don’t want to go there. I’m not going there. I’m not going to do this.’ Plus you get caught up into positions. Then you go to a party. You don’t know these people, but some people take you to a place. You don’t know who they are, and then something goes down. The first thing they’re going to do is not going to be their names that’s splattered all over the Dallas Morning News. It’s going to be his name.”

NBC5 also spoke asked Hall of Famers “Mean” Joe Greene and Charley Haley regarding what advice they would give to Ezekiel Elliott. Here’s what they all had to say:

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