Dallas PD To Suspend Case on Ezekiel Elliott Since DJ Is Hiding & Refusing To Snitch

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys

When the news broke on Monday that Ezekiel Elliott was involved in an altercation that lead to a DJ being sent to the hospital for a broken nose, most saw an impending suspension in his future.

That would probably be the case if the victim were cooperating, but according to Dallas News, the victim is in hiding and refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

“The investigation into an altercation involving Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is ending.

According to a statement released by the Dallas Police Department, the case is being “suspended due to the lack of a complaint.”

“Dallas detectives made several attempts to contact the victim through various ways but at this time have not been able to make contact,” the DPD statement says. “To date no witnesses have come forward to provide any additional information about this incident.”

Dallas PD even tried to reach out to him via Twitter:


 Dallas PD may be closing the case, but the NFL’s investigation likely won’t be over for some time.

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