Here’s Dweeby Teenaged Tom Brady Doing His First Media Interview (Video)

teenaged tom brady first media interview

A lot of people say Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. And with more Super Bowl rings than anybody else, those people may be right. In fact, Tom Brady might even be the greatest NFL player of all time.

Whatever Brady’s place in NFL history, though, it’s important to remember that he started out a total nobody just like everybody else. Once upon a time, Tommy Touchdown was just a dweeby 17-year-old kid who was ranked the sixth-best high school quarterback in the state of California. Sixth! Nobody had any idea he would grow up to marry a Brazilian supermodel and become a famous ladies footwear model.

To drive this point home, this week Brady’s high school dug up what might be the GOAT’s first ever media interview. The clip is from 1994, when Brady was a standout at Serra High in San Mateo, California, just outside San Francisco.

Dan Fouts, who was the sports anchor for CBS affiliate KPIX at the time, did a feature on a local football prospects and wound up interviewing Brady. Fouts asked Brady to pretend he was a college coach and tell him why Brady should play for him.

Brady’s answer was…well, vintage Brady. Take a look:


Of course, the speed never did come. But nobody in New England gives a sh*t.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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