Mariners Minor Leaguers Buckled up for a VERY Expensive Uber Ride When Their Flight Fell Through (Tweet)

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Minor leaguers aren’t known for having deep pockets, but four players in the Mariners system found themselves ponying up for a pricey Uber ride when American Airlines didn’t come through on their flight from Albuquerque to Phoenix.

Mark Lowe, D.J. Peterson, Dan Voeglbach, and Pat Light dropped $683 bucks (not including tip) to make the seven-hour journey.

Here’s Peterson’s tweet expressing his displeasure with American Airlines over the last-minute road trip.

I’d be mad, too. But at least they made it!

As pricey as this ride was, it wasn’t even a record for athletes taking Uber trips THIS year. This ride is still the king in that regard.

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